Island Bioblitz is a participatory event where everyone can join in and learn about the natural heritage of Ireland's islands, help survey for species, and engage in a programme of events which celebrates the special character of our off-shore islands.


what is island bioblitz

Island BioBlitz is a fun event where experts and members of the public join forces to explore the rich diversity of life found on our off-shore islands. It is a race against time to see which island can record the most species of wildlife over a 24 hour period. But it is also a celebration of the unique heritage and character of Ireland’s off-shore islands.

when & where

For the first time, Island BioBlitz will visit some of Ireland’s wonderful off-shore islands. Cape Clear (Co. Cork), Bere Island (Co. Cork), Inis Mór (Co. Galway), Clare Island (Co. Mayo)) and Tory Island (Co. Donegal) have joined forces to run this new and exciting event. Over a 24-hour period from 12:00hrs on 11th June to 12:00hrs on 12th June, the five islands will compete against each other to see which island has the greatest diversity of wildlife and where the most wildlife species can be found.

what happens

Each island is assembling teams of recorders; national experts, specialists & other interested individuals, to join forces to identify and record the rich biological diversity they find. But this is not all about experts! Running alongside Island BioBiltz is the Wildlife Weekend where everyone can join in, learn more about wildlife and just experience the special charm and qualities of our off-shore islands.

how to get involved

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