With its soaring cliffs, rocky shores, boggy landscapes, secret lagoons and lochs, Tory Island is the perfect place for an outdoor adventure. Tory is unique in Ireland in that the island still has its own King - Patsai Dan Mac Ruaidhrí, who will be on hand to welcome visitors to this special place!

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what's on?

(All events are free, places allocated on a 1st come-1st served basis!)

Friday 10th June

Evening: Music/céilí (venue to be arranged)

Saturday 11th June

12:00hrs          Launch of Island Bioblitz 2016 (Tory National School)

14:00hrs          Butterfly & Bumblebee walk (Oisín Duffy)

15:00hrs          Introduction to the Island’s invertebrates (Bryan Pinchen)

16:00hrs          Introduction to the Island’s plants (Therese Higgins)

22:00hrs          Bat walk (Tina Aughney & Caroline Shiels – Bat Conservation Ireland)

There will also be a guided walk with a local expert on Island folklore and history – time to be arranged

Evening:  Music/céilí (venue to be arranged)

Sunday 12th June

05:00hrs          Dawn chorus (Niall Keogh)

08:00hrs          Opening of moth traps (Ralph Sheppard)

09:00hrs          Small mammal trapping (Chris Barron)

12:00hrs          Island Bioblitz 2016 – finishes

12:30hrs          Island Bioblitz 2016 – announcement of winner


A list of B&Bs, hostels and hotels can be found here: www.oileanthorai.com/AccommodationServices.htm

getting there

Tory Island Ferry provides services from the towns of Bunbeg (12km from Donegal Airport) and Magheroarty which lies further to the north-east. Time tables can be found here: www.toryislandferry.com/AmchlrTimetable.htm

Location map


more about tory island

Tory is a small island - roughly 5km by 1km in size, which sits 14.5k off the northwest coast of County Donegal.  About 170 people live on the island today and Irish is the native tongue. The island is steeped in history, mythology and folklore, and is home to a community of artists inspired by its wild and rugged beauty. The name 'Tory' (rock of the king) is believed to go back to prehistory when the king of an ancient race called the Formorians inhabited the island.

Tory supports really special wildlife - it is the headquarters of Ireland’s threatened Corncrake population - which is currently estimated to be about 150 breeding pairs. Tory is now one of the only places in Ireland you are guaranteed to hear the distinctive 'kerrx-kerrx' call of the Corncrake between May and September - a sound once very familiar to those living in the countryside around Ireland. Tory also boasts a diverse breeding seabird and wader population, and is home to Peregrine Falcons, Choughs and Ravens, among many more.

Tory's windswept scenery - with cliffs which rise to a spectacular 85m in places, is complemented by a rich and varied history - the island is scattered with ancient cairns, dolmens, megalithic tombs and ancient relics. Whether you’re looking for stunning scenery, ancient history or special wildlife – Tory Island has it all!

Never does nature say one thing, and wisdom another.
— Juvenal, Satires